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Chamber Committees

Board of Directors – The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are generally business leaders, influencers and partners from the community. Board composition and terms are dictated by the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and/or the Bylaws. The board governs, the team manages. These volunteer leaders are responsible for the direction of the organization. The board develops policy and sets a course for the future. The board maintains focus on the mission and strategic goals. Functions are: Governance, Policy and Position Development, Visionary-Future Focus, and Fiduciary.

Wranglers / Member Outreach Committee – The Wranglers is a group of committed members who support the Chamber’s meetings, rope cuttings and events. They are the face of our chamber helping in all phases of our meetings and events. Wranglers attend and assist at rope-cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies to celebrate Chamber members’ milestones.

Wranglers promote the organization and its activities to potential members, as well as engage and retain existing members. The committee typically develops and implements strategies and tactics to expand the organization’s membership base, such as organizing events, conducting outreach campaigns, and developing partnerships with other organizations. The committee may also be responsible for developing and implementing programs and initiatives to improve the overall membership experience, such as member benefits, networking opportunities, and other forms of engagement. The Wrangler play a critical role in ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the organization by cultivating and maintaining a vibrant and active membership community.

Government Affairs Committee – The Government Affairs Committee advocates on behalf of chamber members and is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting issues that promote a positive, pro-active economic environment for business development and growth that enhances the quality of life in the region.

Business Development and Education Committee – Strengthen Chamber members’ business capabilities and expertise through leadership programs and essential resources that train and develop businesses to be more successful.

Engage with key stakeholders in the region’s education sector, including school districts and community colleges, to foster collaborative relationships between education and business, as well as address Chamber members’ needs for a well-educated and skilled workforce.

Produce events where members can engage and hear from area wide leaders and influencers. Work on developing projects that serve as conduits of information for businesses and individuals looking to expand or relocate to the region, as well as help the chamber survey the business community and better determine our business community’s needs.

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